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Facebook Posts- A

(The difference between my Facebook posts and the chapters on Christian living is that my posts were often the result of some event or issue that was making the news at that time.)

I think God is big enough to handle the current situation in America. That’s who I trust. I think God is looking to Christians to see things the way he does. For example, we should love everyone, including immigrants, and help them know the love of Jesus. God didn’t put us on earth to defend him. He can do that by himself, thank you. We should love Muslims. The ones here in America, especially, because we can directly show that love. I think God is big enough to reveal himself to them as he is. Let the true God win, but it is a war waged not in the physical but in the spiritual. And the battle is against powers of darkness, not people. If we ever look at another with anything but love and compassion, we are fighting the wrong war. The same goes for the Hispanic immigrant, the gay, the atheist, the whoever. We do this because America needs to see the love of Jesus, the same love that sent him to die on the cross for the sins of the WHOLE world.

I have a novel idea. What if dads and granddads had the kind of relationship with their sons and grandsons where the kid could say if they were being bullied? Or whatever else they were struggling with?

As we approach the Fourth, it seems fitting to ask "What is America?" While not perfect, America truly is a great nation of freedom and opportunity, and it's because of one reason: its Christian heritage. As America's Christian heritage goes, so goes America. America is not Christianity and Christianity is not America. They are separate and should remain separate. But the closer America is to Christianity, the more America is "the Land of the Free." Even the freedom to reject Jesus.

Socialism is the attempt to replace God’s moral compass with a “social “ compass, which actually boils down to a small elite group deciding what that compass will be.

While I believe we need secure borders, I would encourage us to have compassion on immigrants from the south. First, many of them have a Christian heritage and second, America has funded the drug cartels and propped up dictators in the past. In other words, we created the problem. Secure borders yes, but compassion above all.

Putting recent events in a Biblical perspective: Iran does not want peace, they want to destroy Israel. Anything we do or don't do will change that. But God Himself protects Israel. It will not be destroyed.

Some thoughts on impeachment: if motive was premeditated treason, then remove from office. If motive was for personal gain, then impeach but removal becomes question of where to draw line-in-sand.

This came to me yesterday. Make of it what you will: "God is calling His people out of the America that was, and into the America that now is."

I don’t think God brought this virus, though He certainly could. But I am pretty sure He is watching how well we turn to Him.

Endure the shaking but don’t get shaken. Not all earthquakes are physical. Some are spiritual.

I am seeing some articles and videos about the case for spontaneous creation. Scientific hypotheses, such as these, that cannot even begin to be explored by the scientific method are closer to philosophy than science. Don’t be fooled. These arguments are not based on proofs but on trying to convince you to look at things a certain way, which is philosophy. If there were any actual proof, it would be headline news on every media outlet in the world.

I’m a Christian. I have to love you.

We must disengage saving America and engage saving people. Vote but leave America up to God.

I feel we are at the beginning of a period of purifying that God has begun in His church. This explains what I have been feeling about the American church resembling the Laodicean church in Revelation. Jesus commanded that church “to buy of me gold purified by fire.” If this is true we must see what is happening around us in terms of purification that leads to repentance and then to the church beautiful as a bride. Let each reader judge for themselves what I have written.

I am constantly amazed at how people can mourn the passing of someone and then continue living as though it will not happen to them or they don’t care if it happens to them. Life is not a game. When you cash in your chips at the end of your life God will not be smiling. It will be judgment time and the only “Get out of Hell free” card is Jesus. I don’t like writing this way but there are times I feel like standing on a street corner and shouting “Wake up!”

It would be nice if life were what it appears to be on the surface. Unfortunately it’s not. The true forces of life are spiritual. The Bible is our textbook and the Holy Spirit is our teacher. You cannot trust or live life based on surface appearances.

My take on a Christian’s view on social injustice:
“No one going as a soldier entangles himself with the affairs of life…” 2 Timothy 2:4
God does not expect us to get entangled with social injustice, but He does expect us to get involved with social injustice. “Entangled” agitates our mind and then our spirit. “Entangled” gets our focus off Jesus. Being involved does not. Being involved means caring for the plight of others and being willing to listen with an open mind and heart. Jesus is our example. He got involved with the Samaritan woman at the well, the Syrophoenician woman, and He told the Parable of the Good Samaritan. All involved societies deemed “inferior” to the Jews. But He always used His involvement as an opportunity to teach about the Kingdom of God.
If you take this article as endorsing violence, then “you know not what spirit ye are of.” On the other hand, there just might be a legitimate reason for someone not standing during the anthem.

All of mankind’s history is merely God aligning events that ushered in the birth of Jesus and is now aligning to usher in the return of Jesus. It’s not that hard to understand when seen from God’s perspective, which is the only one that counts. “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”

After some soul searching, I believe we must acknowledge that our forefathers set up a system that promoted racial injustice and we are still being influenced by it. Sin must be confessed. Once confessed, God can help.

Regardless of who wins the election, let us proclaim by word and deed what our country needs to hear most: This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief. I Timothy 1:15

The greatest power of sin is not seen in the serial killer but in those who feel their life without Jesus is a success.

One of the results of man's being "created in the image of God," as the Bible says, is that each person has God-given giftings and abilities that God wants us to discover and use for His glory, i.e., give Him the credit. It's a part of everyone's spiritual DNA, whether they realize it or not. America, because of its Christian heritage, is a place where many, though not all, have a chance at utilizing their creativity and enjoying the results thereof. That's why immigrants come and social injustice protests happen. These aren't evil. They are expressions of being made in God's image. As Christians, let's discern this spiritual truth. The situations America is facing are spiritual at their core. They require spiritually discerned answers.

What CNN can't seem to grasp is that the division in our country is not a political divide but a spiritual one. Don't they have any Christians over there?

For the first time in its history, beginning in the recent past (years before Trump), America is being affected to a serious extent by divisions spiritual in nature. The Civil War was not a spiritual division. It was a sin divide. But both sides believed in the same God. I fear that is no longer the case. Gonna be an interesting future.

The very best thing you can do for your children is to live out a Christian life before them. You don't have to be perfect at it, but you do have to be genuine.

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