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Was recently asked just what is spirit/spiritual. From man's perspective, spirit/spiritual is God temporarily suspending or superseding His natural laws in order to accomplish His will in the earth. Examples are angels announcing the birth of Jesus, Moses parting the Red Sea and many others recorded in the Bible. Satan also has that ability but only as God wills, as Job in the Bible shows. Christians can operate in the spirit/spiritual if they are willing and yielded. Again, according to God's will. The spiritual is not under our control, contrary to Hollywood or Harry Potter. If anyone claims to operate in the spiritual it is either of God, Satan or an overactive imagination.

​As America drifts farther from God and persecution against Christianity increases, we need to remember that the battle is the Lord's. I think I've mentioned it in past posts but there is a verse in Song of Solomon about the bride coming from the wilderness leaning on her beloved. Christians are the bride, the wilderness is trials and suffering and Jesus is the beloved. The world says let trials make you strong. This verse says lean on the strength of Jesus. So when trials and persecution come, we speak the truth in love and trust in God. We may have to go through hard things because of our stand. You could well be hated. But we keep our faith and eyes on God. It's how the bride learned she could trust and lean on her beloved. The goal is to be a spotless bride who knows her beloved.

What's really happening is Satan attacking the Christian foundation of America under the guise of "the rights of the individual." Promoting individual rights in a Godless society is a recipe for destruction. We were never created to live however we want. That's what the Bible calls the Antichrist spirit.
"He who has ears to hear, let him hear."

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