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Facebook Posts- I

Disclaimer- my opinions only.
Of politics and men:
I don't post much about politics because my faith is in God, not politics. But in light of the upcoming elections, I'll list some of my thoughts.
First, no election will doom or redeem America. There are two categories of Christians who believe this, extremists or those who don't know the scriptures, to put it bluntly. Yes, America is in trouble but this is a continuation of forces long in the making. If you see elections in the doomed/redeemed category, you are wrong.
Second, if there were any Christians in favor of the January 6th whatever-you-want-to-call-it, I again say you are either an extremist or don't know the scriptures.
Finally, as to whether a Christian should vote, my feeling is that we should. I've never been in favor of monks who withdraw from the world. The Bible says we are to separate ourselves from the world, but it means to walk Godly, not as the world walks. We are to be active participants in our society. Vote what you think will make our country Godly, with the understanding God has the final say. Pray if you want, but don't forget the first part of that verse: If My people who are called by My name WILL HUMBLE THEMSELVES and pray… . I don't think we, as a group, have humbled ourselves yet.
I'm reposting the below for reference:
Non-Christians and some Christians confuse Christian fundamentalism with Christian extremism. True fundamentalists assign equal weight to every Bible verse. Extremists assign more weight to some verses than others. Fundamentalists arrive at conclusions after measuring against all the verses. The process actually has similarities to the scientific method. That still leaves plenty of gray areas. That’s where the Holy Spirit comes in. Fundamentalism good, extremism bad.

Miscellaneous thoughts:
-Try Jesus instead of your best because your best will never be good enough.
-People without Jesus don't know what they need, only what they think they need, and it's never Jesus.
=Quantum theories still require particles, which scientists still don't know how came into existence originally.

​It's during moments of an overwhelming sense of God's presence, or times of intense gratitude for what Jesus did for me that I am reminded that Christianity is, at its core, a relationship. Such moments reassure me that God is still in control. And I wish that all could experience such moments.

​The only long-term effective meditation is from meditating on the truths about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Fear, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts all have their roots in untruths that look like truths. For example, believing you are of less worth because the world says you are unless you are rich, beautiful or famous. God says you are so valuable He sent His son to die for you. Which are you going to believe? Which are you going to meditate on?

A brief history of the world:
We need to try to make the world a better place, but realistically it's not going to happen to any great extent. Sin causes us all to act in a self interest mode. I've seen liberals act very unliberal when the cost became high enough to threaten their lifestyle. We look at previous generations and condemn their attitudes. News flash: we're no different. Even Christians struggle with being selfless and not selfish. Man hasn't changed since Adam. Only Jesus provides the power to overcome self interest and self preservation. And only for those who let him. So quit trying to save the world and start pointing the world to Jesus.

​So how do we point the world to Jesus, perhaps more than we currently are? The same way we do anything we want to get better at: give it more time and effort. And I don't mean door-to-door witnessing. We spend more time studying the Bible, reading trusted authors and praying and meditating. God rewards seekers. He will lead you as to what He wants for you if you are a seeker after God.

​If we claim that we are better people than past generations, then Christ died in vain.​

I am reading a book by a Christian author who makes two points about our national debt. First, if we keep borrowing then there will be a tipping point when our country can no longer pay the interest on that debt, resulting in the collapse of our economy and maybe the world's economy. Second, the tipping point will come gradually and then suddenly. My two points are, first, if you disagree please send me a post because it makes sense to me. Second, if it collapses, then it is part of God's plan and therefore we as Christians need to be able to trust God through it. Let's prepare now. Examine yourselves and evaluate your faith.

​You can't be a true optimist without Jesus. Death won't let you. And if you say you don't fear death, then you haven't seen enough people die in enough horrible ways.

​Activists to protest at Plymouth Rock on Thanksgiving: we like to think we are more "enlightened" today. The activists think the Pilgrims were insensitive to the indigenous tribes. But the Bible is clear. We are no better in God's eyes. "For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." Only when America realizes it's God's standard that matters will we face our true sinful selves.

I understand climate activists. They perceive, rightly or wrongly, a crisis threatening enough to warrant drastic action. If they are correct, unfortunately it will take something like rising oceans lapping at our doorsills for the general populace to take drastic action. The same is true spiritually. America is facing a spiritual crisis far worse than climate. And it will probably take a crisis such as great persecution or economic collapse to motivate Christians to proclaim Jesus loud and clear. Unfortunately I fear the faith of many is weak and many will fall away, as the Bible predicts.
And do this, understanding the occasion. The hour has come for you to wake up from your slumber, for our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed. Roman's 13:11

I don't see in the Bible where sex and gender are two different things, as some are saying today. If you think the Bible does say that, please post or Messenger me. I would honestly like to know.​

​I watch the movie “Polar Express” once each year around Christmas season. There are two places in the movie that I always feel God’s presence. (Yes, God can even use Hollywood to reveal truths about Him.) The first is where the boy is confronted by whether to get on the train or not. Although he still has doubts, he gets on. This is how faith works. Even though we still might have had some doubts, we took those first steps of faith in Jesus and began our spiritual journey. The second is when Santa finally comes on the scene and all the elves go crazy. I feel that’s what Heaven will be like when we see Jesus. All Heaven will be in wild celebration when the King, our Savior, appears, and we see Him clearly, no longer through a glass darkly. God wants to reveal Himself in so many ways. And He will speak to us even in secular movies. The song during the closing credits is pretty good, too, when you put it in the context of believing in God and not in Santa, or yourself, or any other thing. And, like the boy, those who truly believe in Jesus will always hear the bell ringing.

As the year draws to a close, and according to a year’s worth of Facebook, here’s what I’ve learned:
There are many people with many astute observations about life, but not too many astute observations about what to do about it. Get a dog, meditate, have a positive attitude, stay away from negative people, idolize this Hollywood person or that one, go crazy at election time, go crazy over conservation and saving the earth, don’t eat meat, watch for UFO's and alternate universes None of them will work. There is only one answer for life, Jesus, the Hope of the world. As Christmas approaches, I’m glad I have this hope. Beyond glad.

I'd rather hear one person singing a Christmas hymn with all their heart than a thousand member choir sing it half-heartedly.

Version 1. Man will continue to evolve up and will be more and more enlightened, and the world will get better and better.
Version 2. Man is as sinful as ever and the world, according to the Bible, will get more wicked than it has ever been.
It takes spiritual discernment and it takes living for the next life and not this one. Don't get fooled into living in Version 1.

What made the earth so evil in the days of Noah that God had to destroy everyone except Noah and his family? It says everyone was just doing normal things. And that, I think, was the problem. In spite of watching the ark being built for many years in their presence, evidently it didn't stop their daily routines. The only way I feel that could happen is when the fear of God is no longer in the land. And that produces the worst type of wickedness in God's eyes. God had to start over.
I am very concerned that we again are approaching "as in the days of Noah." We need to know God's mercy does not extend to living as though He either doesn't exist or He doesn't care how we live.

​Just read a quote "Death is a natural part of life." No it isn't. That's what people say who have no answer for death or don't understand it. God never intended for man to die. Death entered when sin entered. Death reminds us that sin is the winner in this life. It only seems natural to die because no one, even Jesus, escapes physically dying. If you see death as "natural," then you're not seeing it at all. And if you can't see it, you won't see why Jesus had to die.

​Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life…" That means everything else is death. If you don't have Jesus, spiritually you are a dead man walking, even if you are the life of the party.

I used to believe people's reasons for not accepting Jesus, such as bad behavior of Christians, exclusivity of Jesus being the only way to God, etc. I now think these are just excuses. True, they might not have helped, but they didn't stop them accepting Jesus. The Bible is clear that it's not that someone doesn't know Jesus, it's that they don't want to know Jesus. That's what the mere mention of the name of Jesus does, it confronts us with our sin and rebellion against God. I feel we Christians have gone too far in presenting Jesus as love and glossing over Jesus as the confronter. The Way of the Cross is repentance. Always was, always will be.​

One must practice refusing negative thoughts and feelings. This isn't denial that they are real, or positive thinking. It is acting on the truths of the Bible which says God will always watch over us as a parent watches over their child. All who accept Jesus are spiritually born into God’s family. We're His children. We have the right to know He will watch over us. But it takes practice to walk in the power it gives us to be free of worry. Start now whenever something negative happens to you. Don't give it the right to get you down. As always, I have to add that one must also be studying the Bible and actively fighting sin in one's life.

​When Adam disobeyed God, the world, like the Titanic, was doomed, with Jesus the only lifeboat. This world is dying, jut as God said it would if Adam sinned. Any actions to try to make the world a better place would be like trying to make the Titanic look nicer. Instead, we are to point people to the lifeboat. It's their only hope.

​This is more on a subject I have touched on in the past. The threat to America is from within, not from without. I am speaking spiritually here. Let those who have ears to hear, let them hear. The family as patterned in the Bible is under attack and the fear of God is gone from many. These two things are destroying our country, and I don't think we'll ever see again the America I grew up in. Frankly, I think luke warm Christians are partly to blame. But the Bible also says the world will inevitably get darker. I read an article that says many Hispanics love family and love God. I feel we need as many of them, legal or not, as we can get. I know it goes against man's logic. But I hope you at least wrestle with this and get with God about it. God is testing His people.

​The best way I can explain God's wrath is by seeing it as a forest fire from which there is no escape. Jesus covers all who run to Him and is burned by the fire meant for us. Jesus doesn't erase our sin, He covers our sin.I read a short story about a mother bird who covered her chicks with her wings as a prairie fire swept over her. They found her chicks alive when they lifted the mother bird's charred body. I don't know if it was a true story but it sure shows what Jesus did for us.

​Many people see Jesus and Christianity as constricting and boring and no fun. Actually it's the exact opposite. But you have to have both parts: born again and open to the Holy Spirit. You want adventure? Get a word from the Spirit that you know God wants you to speak to someone for their encouragement. Then work up the nerve to do it. Now that's excitement.

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