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Chapter 12B. Christian Living- Part 3

The following miscellaneous topics are in the general category of Christian living:

As in the days of Noah:
After reviewing Matthew 24, Genesis 6, and 2 Peter 2, I propose that one sign that we are near to Jesus’ return is a sense of being in a parallel dimension to what the world would call “normal.” I think Noah felt that way when he was building the ark. I think Lot felt that way when he was “vexed” in his spirit. There is an interesting scene in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Space aliens had implanted a desire in the main character to meet them at a certain place. This desire supplanted all other of his desires. At one point he was in his kitchen looking out the window at people mowing, taking out the trash, etc.. He no longer felt a part of that world. Noah couldn’t have felt a part of his world after God implanted a vision of the ark within him. And I wonder if that is how we are to feel as the Day of the Son of man draws closer. I sometimes feel that way when I am channel surfing and see people excited over game shows and reality shows and whatever. Maybe it’s just that I’m 73 but I sure feel it’s a world mostly devoid of desire to know God and what He is doing in the Earth. Just as in the days of Noah. Question: Do you desire to be on a game show more than you desire to know God? I think from the context of this article you understand what I am asking.

Hardness of heart...again:
I continue to be convicted by the Holy Spirit about my hardness of heart. God expects us to deal with EVERY negative thought and emotion that results in hardness. If we experience hardness towards someone because they do or say something we feel is Biblically wrong, we should pray against demonic deception that is controlling them. We never pray against the person unless directed by God. And then we pray that they respond to God. If the hardness is due to something within us, such as prejudice, we immediately acknowledge it and deny it any right to be there. And we realize that often there is a demonic spirit enhancing the hardness and we seek rhema words for how to address it. We are in a spiritual battle against demons and our flesh. We must get the hardness out. Else how can we love instead of hate?

Concerning "celebrity" Christians:
I judge "celebrity" Christians (speakers, pastors, etc. with large audiences) by how well they treat the hired help once they're home.

Free will, revisited:
I would like to revisit something I touched upon in Chapter 4. Why do bad things happen if God is good? One writer writing about a friend of his who was born without eyes mockingly wrote “Thank you, Jesus.” Another wrote how she became an agnostic after her friend died in a motorcycle accident. The answer is free will. When Adam and Eve sinned they put themselves out from God’s protection. They didn’t realize this, of course, but that is what happened. God had to honor that decision for them to remain human and not robots (see Chapter 4). I suspect it pains God continually to see people blaming Him for the bad things that happen. This is a hard thing to comprehend, but God is not the cause. What is even harder to comprehend is why God supernaturally intervenes in some cases and not others. But that is one of those areas better left up to God. He doesn’t have to explain everything. But always remember that He is good. One day we shall see that it was good how He handled all the situations that look bad now.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus:
I just read a very well thought out list of things America needs in order to be a better nation: affordable health care, affordable education, gun control, social equality, etc. I agreed with much of the writer’s conclusions. But he left off Jesus. The world is offended by even the name of Jesus. Without Jesus, and I mean Jesus being the main point around which all the other points on the list must revolve around, none of the points are worth striving for. In fact, they would be dangerous to achieve, because a “perfect” world apart from Jesus would be a world in which people would be lulled into Hell. The church needs to remember to hold up Jesus first in whatever type of outreaches they are doing. And if you aren’t offending some along the way then you aren’t presenting Him correctly.

The origin of good:
Every good, decent and unselfish thing we ever did did not originate with us. It originated with God who created us with that capability. That's part of what the Bible meant when it said we were created in the image of God. God then left it up to our will as to how we used that capability, and whether or not we acknowledged Him as its source.

On social injustice:
"No one going as a soldier entangles himself with the affairs of life..." (2 Timothy 2:4)
It's okay to be involved with social justice but don't get entangled. It's okay to be involved with helping the poor, the helpless and the hopeless, but don't get entangled. "Entangled" gets your eyes off Jesus. "Entangled" gets your focus off pointing others to the true and only hope: Jesus. "Entangled" robs you of peace. "Entangled" agitates your mind and then your spirit. Being involved does not. There are many other things that can "entangle" us but I wanted to emphasize the social justice ones because I feel the devil is using this issue to further his agenda, not God's. We must have discerning of spirits in America now more than ever.
Additional comments: Since writing the previous sentences, I believe they are the answer to what we, as Christians, are to do about racism, racism against African-Americans specifically. I believe the white American church has not done enough to know what it is like to be an African-American. It’s time we addressed this. I don’t think it’s enough to just say “follow Jesus.” Jesus was moved to action regardless of a person’s standing, as shown by the Samaritan woman and the syrophoenician woman and the parable of the good Samaritan. So, bottom line: we must get involved but not entangled. Each person must go to God and ask how they personally are to do this. I believe we will have to give an answer for it in Heaven. (At the least I think we must care about the plight of others and listen with an open mind and heart.)

Life is not a game:
I am constantly amazed at how people can mourn the passing of someone and then continue living as though it will not happen to them or they don’t care if it happens to them. Life is not a game. When you cash in your chips at the end of your life God will not be smiling. It will be judgment time and the only “Get out of Hell free” card is Jesus. I don’t like writing this way but there are times I feel like standing on a street corner and shouting “Wake up!”

Where did God come from?
The Bible says God always was and always will be, and that there are no other Gods than He. In other words, God didn’t come from anywhere. He was always everywhere. Until a being greater comes along and changes the game so that the truths of the Bible no longer work, I’ll keep believing He is who He says He is. (In Chapter 2 I explain why I believe the Bible is true.)

History of Mankind 101:
All of mankind’s history is merely God aligning events that ushered in the birth of Jesus and is now aligning to usher in the return of Jesus. It’s not that hard to understand when seen from God’s perspective, which is the only one that counts. “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.”​

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