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​Chapter 2. Existence of God

I once had a job working on computer systems and it occurred to me that a computer system is a pretty good analogy for a living cell, because both consisted of a number of complex systems controlled by a master program. Then I realized the same was true for an atom. Then it hit me why science will never create matter or a cell. The complexity of the atom and the cell prove that there is a God and the Bible is true.

The God of complex beginnings:

At the time of creation, God did something pretty clever: He made the atom and the cell so complex that they could never have happened by chance or evolution.

When you look at the atom you can know there is a God. The atom is the basic building block of all matter. Its components never previously existed naturally outside the atom. There are no “previous stages” that “evolved” into an atom. When you look at the cell you can know there is a God. The cell is the basic building block of all life. Its components never existed before the cell. There are no “previous stages” that evolved into a cell.

God designed both the atom and the cell, the beginning of all matter and the beginning of all life, as a complex whole made up of complex components guided by a complex “operating system.” The operating system in technology is the master program that controls all the other programs which in turn control all the various parts of a computer system. Using this as an analogy, the operating system (op sys) of the atom is the fields and properties of the particles within the atom that control how the atom behaves. The op sys of the cell is the DNA and gene sequences of the cell which define all the processes within the cell. And not only must there be an op sys, but the op sys itself must be initially programmed, which shouts intelligent design.

That is why science will never create an atom or a cell. Science has managed to duplicate some of the simplest processes of life, but they can go no farther because the next steps in the process are much too complex. Without an “op sys” to tell it what to do next, the results of the process just sit there, which is exactly what scientists have found.

Science is digging a deeper hole the more they find out just how complex an atom and a cell are. God is definitely the “God of the complex” when it comes to the atom and the cell. He is also the God of the complex when it comes to the Bible.

The complexity of the atom and the cell is enough to cause anyone with an open mind to know there is a God. The next question becomes “Which God?” Since God has chosen not to show Himself visibly (which I believe is because He wants to give us total free will to choose Him or not), doesn’t it make sense that He would have an account of who He is, either an oral account or written? I believe it makes perfect sense, otherwise each person would have a different idea of God created from their own sin-tainted logic. So now the question becomes “Which account?”

​Since we have seen how He is the God of the complex beginnings, then it also makes sense that the most complex account that has withstood years of testing by many generations would be a good candidate. I propose that the Bible is the only account that meets all the criteria. The Bible goes into great detail about the nature of God, the creation of the world and man, why the world is the way it is, why we have to die, and what happens to us after we die. Obviously this is just my opinion, but I encourage the seeker to examine what the other accounts say about these topics.  The Quran goes into some detail about the creation of the world and man, but Muhammad copied Genesis, which was written before the Quran and with which he was familiar. All he did was change some of the details, such as Ishmael being Abraham’s chosen son. Hindus have several versions of how the earth was created, and Buddha didn’t even try because he didn’t have a clue. Humanists also don’t have a clue. Their god is science but I hope this chapter has shown they are serving a false god. By the way, the Bible also has many details about how the world as we know it will end. I feel it is in line that if God wanted to show the Bible is true by putting many details about how everything began, then He would put a lot of details about how it all ends.

In Chapter 4 of this booklet I explained my reasoning for why God will not manipulate anyone in any way that would violate their free will to believe in Him or not. That’s why I believe God gave enough details about the creation of the Earth and the creation of Man to show it’s not a myth. But there are not enough details to reconcile these accounts with science in matters such as the age of the Earth, the fossil record, etc. If the Bible laid out everything so that it perfectly explained all that science has discovered, it would come dangerously close to violating our ability to have free will. Plus it couldn’t be verified by science since it began supernaturally, so there would always be doubters. In cases like this, I always go back to the one thing that no doubter can deny: matter and cells exist and science has no idea why or how. That always makes me put my money on the Bible. (see note 4)

​Conclusion: God exists and the Bible is true because He has shown so in the complexity of the atom, the cell, and the Bible.

And always remember the real Prime Directive: The universe (and us) exists, and science can't create something from nothing. So any logical belief against the existence of God is illogical, and any illogical belief for the existence of God is logical. Red pill or blue? Welcome to The Matrix.

Note 1. I get asked questions like: where did God come from? While some ask in earnest, others ask as though asking will make the elephant in the room disappear. It's a meaningless question. We still exist and science still can't explain why. That leaves God. Wherever God came from, He's there. The elephant remains.
Note 2. Evolution depends upon two things for it to even exist: the atom and the cell. Forget evolution. The Bible doesn't go into enough detail to prove or disprove it. The real issue is can science prove how atoms and cells came into existence? It can't.
​Note 3. I am seeing articles about how we can create reality by our minds. This reminds me of Descartes’ “I think, therefore I am.” But to be able to think, he would already have had to be a being who could think. He should have said: I am, therefore I think. But that would have been an acknowledgement of the existence of God. “Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?” Psalm 2:1 (See Chapter 13.)
​Note 4. 
There is a way that the fossil record and the Bible are both true. There has to be. They are both the work of God.

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