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I have put this book on Amazon and Smashwords. (See below). The Table of Contents and the first three chapters can be viewed using these links:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Longing and the Pull

Chapter 2. Into the Land of Beyond

Chapter 3. The Town of Home



The book in print is on Amazon.com for $6.50 plus shipping.

The Kindle ebook reader version is on Amazon.com for $1.99.

The Nook ebook reader version is on Smashwords.com for $1.99. To find it you must enable adult content on the home page. (No, it is not that kind of book.)

Four friends embark on three journeys to find the purpose of life. Join them as they travel to the Land of Constructs, the Land of Strongholds, the Land of Death, and The North, where truth and healing are found along the way using the Four Great Truths.
This is the story of a journey God is calling each of us to take. It is nothing new. It’s the story of the Bible. By putting some of that story in allegorical form, it will help explain what Christians believe, and why. There is a Heaven to gain and a Hell to shun.

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