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Table of Contents

Part I: The Journey (the reality of God)
Four friends make a spiritual journey to find the purpose of life in general, and the meaning of their life in particular.

Chapter 1.  The Longing and the Pull
Chapter 2.  Into the Land of Beyond 
Chapter 3.  The Town of Home
Chapter 4.  Training Time
Chapter 5.  The Beat
Chapter 6.  The Flows and the First Great Truth
Chapter 7.  The Second and Third Great Truths
Chapter 8.  The Raid
Chapter 9.  Introduction to Constructs
Chapter 10.  The Land of Constructs
Chapter 11.  The Session
Chapter 12.  The Land of Strongholds
Chapter 13.  The Rescue Mission
Chapter 14.  Devan
Chapter 15.  A Most Critical Lesson
Chapter 16.  The Four Paths & the Cave of Truly Truth
Chapter 17.  Journey's End

Part II: Journey to Death (the reality of sin)
Leif, Isabella and Kamiko must make a perilous journey to rescue Devan, and learn more of the purpose of life along the way.

Chapter 1.  15 Years Later
Chapter 2.  An Agent's Life
Chapter 3.  The Land of Death
Chapter 4.  The Summons
Chapter 5.  The Gatherer
Chapter 6.  The Checkpoint
Chapter 7.  The Pleasure Palace
Chapter 8.  A Close Call
Chapter 9.  Liesl
Chapter 10.  Flight
Chapter 11.  The Showdown

Part III: Final Journey: The Stranger (the reality of Jesus)
The four friends make their final journey as the age draws to an end.

Chapter 1.  15 Years Later
Chapter 2.  The Vault
Chapter 3.  The Scrolls
Chapter 4.  Age End
Chapter 5.  Epilogue (the reality of Heaven and Hell and eternity)

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