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Chapter 2
An Agent's Life

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.  Ephesians 6:12  NLT

     As Leif tried to relax in his chair, his mind wandered. He let his eyes rest on the sign on the wall opposite the Big Board:
The Agents' Creed-
1. Always choose the Source...always;
 2. Always flow in accordance with the Great Truths. 
     These words greeted Leif every time he walked into Agency HQ, a small, nondescript building. Indeed, these words were in every HQ throughout Back and Beyond. By these words he was able to perform his difficult, thankless job. But, as the Source had told him in the sphere, it was the most satisfying job of them all.
     Leif didn't know what lay in store in the next life, but he knew there was a next life after he passed from this one. The Source had told him of Sourceworld. Leif knew the Source wouldn’t tell him about it if there was no intention of his ever getting there. That wasn’t the way of the Source. In Leif's experience, everything the Source did brought him closer to the Source, not farther. And that’s what agents did. They helped bring people closer to the Source.
     The agents in Back held meetings, went out and talked with people, and countered attacks of the Manforms. Each of these had one purpose: to help people escape from Back. That was Leif’s assignment. Once out, it was Kamiko and Devan’s duty to help them make it through Beyond and finish their journey. Leif stayed in contact with Kamiko and Devan through their flows, though he hadn’t heard from Devan in a while, which was unusual.
     Another equally important job for an agent was to maintain his or her own personal relationship with the Source. Much in Back could interfere with this. Rookie agents especially needed to go deeper in the Beat, and stronger in the truth and healing flows. The best way to do this, Leif had found, was to want the Source, not just need the Source. The way I want to be with Isabella, Leif realized, whether I need her for something or not.
      Leif had heard stories of fallen agents. It could easily happen to him, he knew. Carrying out his mission in Back wasn’t easy. He had to tell people they were on the wrong track, and that life could only be found in the Source.
      But people were mostly interested in satisfying their hungers. They were hungry for anything that gave pleasure. Many were convinced they were on their journey when in fact they were being fooled by the deceptive flow from the Pulsing. They became downright combative if Leif or any agent tried to tell them otherwise. It was just a fact of life for agents in Back.
     Leif was grateful for the true flow from the Source. It brought him truth of the three worlds: Sourceworld, Back and Beyond. Because he was an agent he could discern who was who and what was what. Otherwise, one would always be open to deception from the Pulsing’s false truth. And the Pulsing could be very convincing with his lies.
     Agents could trip up by building Constructs that could hinder their effectiveness. The Agency didn't forbid marriage, but did constantly warn of the danger it could pose by becoming the purpose of the agent's life rather than the Source being the purpose. Leif hoped he and Isabella would not let that happen.
     And then there were agents who believed they were so good with the Beat and the flows that they were deceived by the Pulsing into thinking they had an “elevated” position with the Source. When that happened, they unwittingly began building a Construct entitled “The Cult of ….” These Cult Constructs always grew so tall they collapsed of their own weight, hurting those caught in them.
     Leif’s thoughts would sometimes stray to Isabella and not the Source when he was supposed to be sensing the Beat. Not good, he thought. That meant he was putting Isabella ahead of the Source when it should have been the other way around. It was a red flag something might be wrong.
     It's a battle, Leif concluded. After a while, the sameness of that battle day after day can bring a certain weariness. That’s why an agent's life must be completely centered on the Source. It was that simple, Leif realized. You aren’t an agent because of what you do, but rather because of what you are. And you are one who chooses to help others find the Source. Or, as the Creed says, one who always chooses the Source…always.
     Leif stood up. I’m weary.
     After a quick last look at the Big Board he told the other agents he was heading home for some rest. He also wanted to be with Isabella.
     The fifteen years of their marriage had been good ones, with many moments of joy and happiness. Early on they had decided to have no children. Nothing said an agent couldn’t have children but they both sensed the Source had asked, not demanded, that they not. Choosing the Source had always led to something better, but at times Leif sensed Isabella missed not having children of her own. I guess that’s why they recommended agents not marry, he thought.
     Leif headed out the door.

     High above him, invisible to everyone, the darkness that was the Pulsing conferred with one of his top Manforms.
     "It has taken fifteen years but he is finally vulnerable,” he said. “I want you to personally begin the plan. Flow against the weaknesses in him. Be subtle. He won't know what hit him." The Manform nodded.
     Higher, invisible even to the Pulsing, was the Source-of-Three.
     "The enemy has their plan but now we can begin our plan to bring Leif, Isabella, Kamiko and Devan even closer to us,” the One-who-makes-the-decisions said, “though there is the danger they will choose wrong. But without that chance to choose wrong, what are they?"
     The other two agreed.

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