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Chapter 7
The Second and Third Great Truths

But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come. John 16:3 NIV

     The next morning found them in the classroom with Gerard again. The voice of the Source still had them chattering excitedly. Gerard joined in with their excitement by recounting the joy of his first time hearing the Source.
     "I'm glad you’re excited,” he said. "It’s a wonderful thing to hear the Source speaking directly to you. Never lose the wonder of that. But don’t stop here. There is so much more. That is why we need to continue our training so you can continue your journey. Today we shall study the enemy you will encounter on the raid. They are the Dark Forms and you saw one when we were leaving Home. You must be aware of them for you will face them on your journey. Our raid will be against a nest of them.”
      A fear came over them.
     "But are we ready?" Isabella asked.
     "No, which is why I’ll be with you," Gerard replied, smiling.
     Isabella relaxed some.
     "Last night the Source spoke each of your names, telling you you would never be alone. This is the First Great Truth. As you move through Beyond you will see more and more how it works, so don’t think you must figure it out within the next few days. Tonight, you will hear two more Great Truths. These three Great Truths are the foundation of your ability to attack the enemy and defend yourself from their attacks, because they’ll flow untruths at you.
     “The Dark Forms are the agents of the Pulsing. They are dark, shadowy, bird-like creatures, half the size of a man with leathery wings and large clawed feet resembling an eagle’s. They are almost invisible except with the Sensing. They go throughout Back and Beyond flowing false truth and false healing. They come to their nest to rest and gain strength. How well you defend against them depends on how well you can flow in the three flows and the Three Great Truths.”
     The remainder of the day was spent practicing receiving and sending the red and blue flows. Gerard also went over some basics of rock climbing and the equipment used.
     "You won't climb much on this leg but you will later in your journey," he noted. "That's enough for today. I want each of you to go off and practice sensing the Beat. Tonight, the Source will tell you the next two Great Truths.
     "But I want you to do something a little differently than last time. It’s called ‘Lighting.’ It’s the result of longing not just for what the Source can help you with, but longing for the Source to stay because that is what you want, not need. When you let that added component be in your Longing, it causes the Beat to ‘light up’ in a way it wouldn’t otherwise. Hence the term ‘Lighting.’ It shows you want the Source to remain as long as possible-- that is, if you do want the Source that way. Lighting is wonderful to some people and not to others. Try it and see which category fits you best."
     Gerard turned and walked off. The four friends looked at one another. They were still trying to comprehend what Gerard was telling them.
     “These Dark Forms and this Pulsing, whoever or whatever they are,” Isabella mused. “I’m not as scared of them anymore. Which doesn’t make sense. I should be terrified.”
     “It’s because Gerard is doing his job,” Kamiko stated. “He speaks from experience. I’ll bet he has fought them many times, and won.”
     That evening, alone in their rooms, the Source again spoke with words sensed inwardly, "I am stronger than the Pulsing." They knew this was the Second Great Truth.
     Then the Source said, "Flow to the need." They had no idea what this meant.
     As before, the Source touched every cell of their being with a sense of peace. They were completely at rest. This lasted a few minutes before fading.
     “I want you to stay,” Leif let his Longing say. 
     A brilliant, white light appeared, poised in mid-air. Isabella was doing the same in her room. Both of their Lighting was strong. Kamiko’s was even stronger. Devan’s was less bright than the others, but still present.
     They experienced the presence of the Source so much stronger while the Lighting was present. As the light enveloped them, they could sense the Source's presence as real as their skin could feel a fine mist. Intense joy rose up in them. Each stayed in the presence of the Source and the Lighting as long as they could.
     This has to tie in some way to my purpose in life, Leif thought. It had to. He didn’t want whatever else was involved if it didn’t include this.
     The next morning found them in the classroom talking of their experience. Gerard was quite pleased they had been able to “Long the Lighting,” as he called it.
     “Some finish their journey and have wonderful times with the Source yet still don’t particularly desire the Lighting. Time and effort are needed to cultivate the Lighting, which can be in short supply when our schedules fill up."
     The four couldn’t believe that could be the case.
     Devan asked, “Gerard, what does the Third Great Truth, ‘Flow to the need,’ mean?”
     "It means you can flow to anyone in Beyond or Back to help them know truth and receive healing, even if they aren’t physically present with you."
     Gerard walked to the board.
     "You now know all three of the Great Truths. With these three, you can flow them against the enemy to thwart any attack. I repeat, any attack. Each of them adds its own hue to the red truth of your flowing. Let's begin the lesson."
     Gerard turned and wrote on the board, “First Great Truth: You are never alone.”
     "This is your defense against loneliness or thinking you are disconnected from others. The enemy will try to make you believe you are isolated and that is a bad place to be. This truth will negate that.”
     He wrote the next truth, “The Source is stronger than the Pulsing.”
     “The Source has shown over and over to be more powerful than the Pulsing. By realizing this truth, you can overcome fear and thoughts of inadequacy, because it isn’t you but the Source's adequacy in which you trust. Another way to express this truth is, ‘Focus on who the Source is, not on who you are trying to be.’ ”
     He wrote again as he spoke.
     “The last truth, 'Flow to the need,’ means you can help anyone, anywhere, by flowing truth and healing to them, even if they aren’t physically with you. This is your defense against believing you are powerless and unable to help someone you can't be with physically. With these three truths, no enemy can stand against you."
     "Gerard,” Leif asked, “why aren't more people here with us if these truths are so good? Why isn't Beyond full of people wanting to make their journey?"
     "Because the enemy or their own self has dulled their Longing. Along your journey, you must face truths about yourself, even while facing the enemy. You can be your worst enemy. Few people have the perseverance to see their journey through to the end.”
     Gerard sighed and paused a moment. “And I’m sorry to inform you that some just don’t want to know the Source, even though that is why the Source created them. They want to run their lives themselves, but they were never designed for that. People, face it. We are in a battle.
     "Now you must practice letting each of the Three Great Truths flow through you. Reach out with your Sensing and focus on the First Truth."
     Soon a red flow went to and from each of the friends.
     "As you can see, it has its own distinct red hue. Now focus on the Second Great Truth and become familiar with its hue. Now the third. Let each of them flow through you. You can let them flow individually or together. With them you are strong. No enemy can stand up to them."
     The rest of the day was spent practicing the flows before Gerard ended the practice.
     With a small, encouraging smile, he announced, “Good. You are nearing the end of your training. Just a few more days. See you in the morning.”
     “Just a few more days until the raid, I guess he meant,” Isabella said after Gerard had left the room.
     “How is everyone?” Leif asked, looking at each of his friends. “Any thoughts?”
     “Nervous, if I think too much,” Isabella answered, breaking the silence.
     “Anyone want to turn back?” Leif asked.
     After a long silence he said, “Onward it is.”

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