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Chapter 5
The Beat

I have come as a light to shine in this dark world, so that all who put their trust in me will no longer remain in the dark.  John 12:46 NLT 

     Gerard walked back into the room.
     “Break time’s over. Let’s speed up the pace.”
     The four gave him their full attention.
     “With the Longing comes the Sensing. Now that you are in Beyond, you can sense things you couldn’t in Back. There are forces good and bad here you must be able to sense.  Each of the good forces has a counterfeit. The good ones come from the Source. The bad ones come from the enemy, also known as the Pulsing.”
     “Who is this enemy?” Leif asked.
     “He just appeared. No one knows when or how. That’s when men began to need physical food. That’s also when they began dying.”
     “What? We didn’t used to die?” Leif could hardly believe what he was hearing.
     “That’s right. Death is what gives the enemy his power. Men feared death and the Pulsing promised them life. But it’s not life, only an imitation. He has his servants whose sole purpose is to stop you from reaching Beyond, or, failing that, to stop you from completing your journey.”
     Leif was stunned. They all were. Fear rose in them. How were they to overcome such a powerful being?
     “I know you still have questions, but let me continue your training,” Gerard said. “Things will become clearer in due time. And, by the way, don’t fear.
     “Three forces flow from the Source. These forces are your defense and offense against the enemy. Each flow has a color. The first flow is the Beat, which is a golden color.”
     Gerard wrote “the Beat” on the board.
     “The Beat comes from the Source. The Beat radiates throughout Beyond and Back continuously, causing the Pull. And now that you are in Beyond, you have the Sensing.”
     Gerard paused a moment to write “the Sensing” on the board.
     "When you were pulled into Beyond a wonderful thing happened. You were given the ability to sense the Source and the things that come from the Source. The wonder of that will grow as you grow in your sensing ability. For example, with the Sensing, you can sense the Beat. I will help you sense it, for that is one of my duties as your instructor. Let your Longing reach out as you did with the Pull. Here we go."
     Gerard closed his eyes. The air shimmered in shades of gold. The golden shades darkened and lightened in rhythm, as to the beating of a heart. The impact on the four was dramatic. Some part inside of them was being “touched” for the first time, some part that had previously been “inactive” was being brought back to life. They were shocked, but also attracted. They never realized they could experience this, yet it seemed as much a part of them as the color of their hair.
     A peace came, greater than any they had experienced before. They had no fear or stress, just complete, total peace. And there was something else-- a sense of being loved more than anyone had ever loved them before.
     The golden hues faded away. Gerard waited a moment to let each absorb what they were experiencing.
     "What each of you experienced was the Beat impacting you. Your sensing is now awake to sense it. The Beat is your sign your journey and efforts will not be in vain. It tells you the Source is still there and in control. In fact, the Beat is not just from the Source but is the Source. If you find that confusing, join the club. This is another example of Source-logic. Source-logic is how the world is. Man's logic is how the world appears to be. They often are not the same. In fact, from now on for the rest of your life you will continually have to confront Man’s logic. Anyway, you will always be able to sense the Beat, but not always as clearly as you can here in the Center. Once outside, you have an enemy who will try to interfere with sensing the Beat. But you must not let him deceive you into thinking the Beat is weak or gone. You must not."
     By now the friends had gained some control over their emotions.
     "Gerard," Leif asked, "what happened to us?”
     "You became more alive than you have ever been before. That is the best way to explain what the Beat does to a yielded person once they enter Beyond. The more yielded you are, the better you can sense the Beat."
     "Yes, that's it!" Isabella exclaimed.
     “Each person experiences the Beat a little differently, but the best way I can explain it,” Gerard informed, “is you know someone is out there who knows and understands you completely, and wants you to know them as well.”
     "I did some drugs in my younger years," Devan remarked, "but nothing compares to this."
     "This, my friends, is your quest, your journey,” Gerard said, looking somberly at each of them, "to find the Source, the source of the Beat, that which makes you alive to the fullest degree. The Beat is your compass. Follow it. It will be the most exciting quest you could ever undertake. Your life is just beginning.”
     He paused to let this sink in.
     “You need to learn more, but let's take a break. Spend some time sensing the Beat. Long for it just as I did. It will happen. Then we'll cover the other two flows."
     The four friends talked excitedly and practiced using their heightened sensing to detect the waves of the Beat washing over them. Was their quest for the meaning of life almost over? The enemy now seemed but a trifle.

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