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Who is Jesus?
A play consisting of a number of skits from the Book of Matthew. Done in a fast paced style that appeals to teens and adults. Ideal for video and venues outside the church (no sets, props or costumes).

The Introduction, Prologue, and Ending are left open to being put into a different format than the play, such as a power point with music or fast fade in/fade outs for a sentence at a time. An example of one way to do the Prologue is on video on the home page. A good song for the power point is "I Am" by Eddie James.

No sets or props or costumes
3 actors, either gender
approx. length: 20 minutes

Are you facing some difficult situations? Or maybe you wonder what is the purpose of life?
Amazingly enough, the answer to these and all other questions is the same: the one called Jesus.
So, who is Jesus?

Your greatest enemy is not some person out there.
It is the sin that is in all of us.
So, your greatest enemy is…
Sin will destroy every part of your life.
And what’s worse…
it will separate you from God for all eternity.
You can try to overcome sin by doing good things,
but it is impossible.
The end result of sin is death. Eternal death.
But God provided another solution:
His son Jesus, to die in our place.
Jesus lived, as this play will show.
Jesus died, as this play will show.
And Jesus rose from the dead, and  broke the power
of sin, as this play will show.
“God loves you so much that he gave his son, Jesus, 
so that if you believe in him you will not die but have
everlasting life.”    John 3:16
Start of Play:
Note: Vary who is PERSON 1, PERSON 2 and PERSON 3 in each skit. Speak lines to audience unless directed otherwise. The use of prompts is suggested to help the actors know which skit comes next.

Skit #1
PERSON 1:  (one step forward) Who is Jesus? We can find out from the book about him: the Bible. Here is what we know.

​Skit #2
PERSON 1:  (forward) He is the Son of God:
(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 look at PERSON 3 for remainder of skit.)
PERSON 2:  When He had been baptized, Jesus came up from the water (PERSON 3 rises from kneeled position and looks up), and the heavens were opened to him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting upon him (additional stage light on). And suddenly a voice came from heaven, saying:
PERSON 1:  This is my much-loved Son, in whom I am well pleased. (additional stage light off)

Skit #3
PERSON 1:  (forward) He was tempted by the devil:
(PERSON 2 and PERSON 3 face each other.  PERSON 1 steps back.)
PERSON 2:  (after just looking at PERSON 3 for a few moments) Iknow you're hungry. (another pause) If (emphasize "if") you are who you say you are, (hold out two imaginary stones) turn these stones to bread.
PERSON 3:  It is written, "You shouldn't live by food alone, but by every word that comes from God."
PERSON 2:  If (emphasize "if") you really are God's Son, (gestures downward) jump from this high place and surely He will protect you.
PERSON 3:  It is written, "Don't test God unnecessarily."
PERSON 2:  (makes sweeping gesture) Worship me, and all I control is yours.
PERSON 3:  Get out of here, Satan. It is written, "Worship the Lord your God, and only serve Him." (As PERSON 3 is saying these last lines, PERSON 2 glares at him with much hatred.)

Skit #4
PERSON 1:  (forward) He is the Light of the world:
PERSON 2:  The people who had no hope have seen Hope, and Life has come to those who had no life.

Skit #5
PERSON 1:  (forward) He spoke to crowds everywhere:
 (PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 step back.)
PERSON 3:  (Move all over stage.)
Be glad to be called a Christian. Get to that point.
Obey me because you love me, not because you have to.
Get to the place where it hurts you too much to hurt others.
Desire to help others, even your enemies, because it is so like me.
Prefer your good deeds to be seen by me rather than others.
Do you worry about what might happen to you? About what is happening around you and in the world? You've got to get past that. Can you trust me with it?
Be very honest about yourself before you judge someone else.
Come to me when you need something.
Some say they know me, but they don't. If you know me, you will know why I ask you to do things that are not the way everyone else does them, and you will stand.

Skit #6
PERSON 1:  (forward) He told people what was most important in life:
PERSON 2:  (to PERSON 3) Lord, I want to completely follow you, and I will when my life is more settled.
PERSON 3:  (to audience) Follow me now. All those other things don't give life. I do.

Skit #7
PERSON 3:  (forward) He cast out demons:
PERSON 2:  Two men who were filled with demons and were horribly tormented by them confronted Jesus. When the demons saw Jesus, they cried out in fear:
(As PERSON 2 is talking, PERSON 1 begins slightly rocking from side to side, fists clenching and unclenching, his face contorted with both hatred and fear. He is crouched down and leaning forward, like an animal about to spring.)
PERSON 1:  (to PERSON 3) Why are you here, Jesus? To torture us before our time? If we have to leave, let us go into that herd of swine.
PERSON 3:  (to PERSON 1) (firmly and loudly) Go! (point forward, over the head of the audience)
(PERSON 1 yells very loudly with voice of demons as they are leaving, then falls to floor- yell loudly enough and weirdly enough to definitely startle the audience.)
PERSON 2:  And the demons left the men and entered the pigs, and the pigs ran violently into the nearby sea and drowned. (As this is being said, PERSON 3 kneels down and helps PERSON 1 to a partial sitting position. PERSON 1 is dazed, but ends looking up into the face of PERSON 3 with wonder and joy.)

Skit #8
PERSON 1:  (forward) Another talk:
(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 step back.)
PERSON 3:  (Move all over stage.)
You must put aside your past opinions and be open to who I am. People are being set free: from addictions, from sickness, from hopelessness, from having no purpose to life. But others are trying to find ways not to believe. It makes them blind and deaf. Those people will have no excuses on the day of judgment. (looking up) Father, (lift arms up slightly) thank you for giving sight to those who want to see, and blinding those who think they see. (drop arms)
(back to audience) You can only come to God through Me. So if you can't see Me for who I really am, you will never see God, My Father. Come to Me, and I will give you rest.

Skit #9
PERSON 1:  (forward) He confronted His enemies:
(PERSON 3 faces PERSON 1 and PERSON 2.)
PERSON 2:  You and your followers are working on Sunday. You're breaking our law.
PERSON 3:  Now that I have come, follow me, not your laws, because I can show you a better way to live.
PERSON 1:  You aren't supposed to heal on Sunday. It's work.
PERSON 3:  You get your sheep out if it falls in a pit on Sunday. Yet you condemn me for healing a man on Sunday, who is worth vastly more than an animal?
PERSON 2:  Your power comes from the devil.
PERSON 3:  The devil wouldn't give me power to use against himself. So My power has to be from the Holy Spirit. But you better not speak against the Holy Spirit, because it is by His power that you are saved. So you will never be saved from eternal death into eternal life if you talk against Him.
PERSON 1:  We want to see a supernatural sign that you are who you say you are.
PERSON 3:  Only those who don't want to believe demand to see a sign. I am the sign. (optional: step forward one step and spread arms like a cross while saying "I am the sign".) If you had an open mind and heart, you would see that.
(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 step back.)
(to audience- move all over stage) 
 If your heart is hard, you won't receive what I amsaying. Even if your heart receives, if you don't make changes in your lifestyle, it can become hard again. And you can choke out what you receive by being too busy with things that seem important in life, but aren't. But if you keep your heart soft towards me, your life will be blessed in every part. So put Me first in every part of your life. If you could buy Me, but you would have to sell your house and all your possessions, that is what you should do. I know it doesn't make sense in your mind, but it will to your heart. If you let your heart be soft towards  me.

Skit #10
PERSON 1:  (forward) He foretold His death and resurrection:
PERSON 2:  Now while they were staying in Galilee, Jesus said to them:
PERSON 3: (very somberly and deliberately) I am about to be betrayed into the hands of those who hate me. They will kill me. But God will raise me back  to life after three days.

Skit #11
PERSON 1:  (forward) And yet more words to those who would gather to hear him:
(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 step back.)
PERSON 3:  (Move all over stage.)
Have the enthusiasm of a child in your desire to know and follow me. Never cause another to fall.
Forgive, forgive, forgive.
Give, give, give.

Skit #12
PERSON 1:  (forward) He spoke of the end of the world:
 (PERSON 1 and 2 step back.)
PERSON 3:  (Move all over stage)
 Just before the world, as it is now, is ended, those pretending to be me will appear. Wars, rumors of wars, nation against nation, famines, plagues, earthquakes. Troubles, tribulations, betrayals, killings, hatred, lawlessness, coldness. Great tribulation, false signs and wonders, the sun and moon darkened, the stars fallen. Then I will appear in the heavens to gather My own. So live as though that day could be today. Be ready for my appearing. Otherwise you will miss it. Use your talents and abilities for me. Otherwise I will have to say I never knew you. Feed the hungry, visit the sick, get clothes for those who need them.

Skit #13
 (PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 step back and turn with back facing audience for entire skit. Blue light, if possible, backlights PERSON 3.)
PERSON 3:  (forward) I was betrayed by one of my own followers.
I was unjustly tried and condemned.
I was nailed to a cross.
I died. 
I was put in a grave.
All ......... for you.
(Blue light off)

Skit #14
(Joyful expressions and voices- with excitement)
PERSON 1:   (forward) After three days, He was raised from the dead:
PERSON 2:  Now as the first day of the week began to dawn (very bright extra stage lights come on), Mary Magdalene and another lady named Mary came to see the tomb. And there was a great earthquake, for an angel of the Lord 
descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat on it. And the guards shook for fear of him, and fell down senseless. But the angel answered and said to the women:
PERSON 3:  Don't be afraid. I know you're looking for Jesus who was killed. He's not here. He is alive, as He said He would be. Look, see where His body used to be. 
PERSON 1:  What a dawn! It was a dawn unlike any other the world had ever seen. It began to immediately drive back the darkness. It is a dawn that grows brighter every day, even as the world gets darker. What a dawn! (turns to look at the bright lights as last line is being said)
(extra lights off)

Skit #15
PERSON 1:  (forward) His command and promise just before ascending into heaven:
(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 step back.)
PERSON 3:  All things have been given to me in heaven and on earth. Wherever you are, tell them about me: who I am, and  what I have done for you, and what I can do for them. And after they believe, help them to live the kind of life that I have modeled for you while I was with you.
(pause-warmly) And remember this above all: I will always be with you and all who believe in me. You can'y see me. You may not always feel my presence. But I will be there. 

(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2 exit)

Skit #16
PERSON 3:  (Move as feels suitable.)
So, who am I? Or, as I said to my followers, "Who do you say I am?" (pause)
(for the following lines, slightly emphasize every "I am",and follow every "I am" with a slight pause.)
I am ... He who gives you victory over the devil.
I speak words that bring you life.
I give purpose to your life.
I heal you of diseases.
I deliver you from fear and darkness.
I shield you from your enemies.
I am ... he who provides you with food and shelter and clothing.
I work miracles for you.
I guide your steps.
I protect you from the storms of life.
I give you eternal life.
I complete you and make you whole.
(PERSON 1 and PERSON 2  now walk back on stage, PERSON 3 goes over to them, and they all joyfully exit.)
End of play

I hope you have a better understanding of who Jesus is. He will see you through your darkest hours and most hopeless situations. He will give purpose to your life. He really is wonderful.
I encourage you to talk to a pastor, or relative, or friend, and find out more. Or, you could even start now by simply saying: “God, I believe in your son, Jesus, just like he was shown to be in the play. Help me to know where to go from here." And He will.


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