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Below are links to three plays and four evangelistic skits and 5 Christian growth skits.
Please feel free to perform these plays and skits free of charge.

#1 Who Is Jesus?
A good play anytime for evangelism or teaching. Three actors portray the life of Jesus from the Book of Matthew. Done in a fast moving, hard hitting way that will appeal to teens and up. Easily transportable to venues outside of a church. (no sets, props or costumes).
An actor's delight to perform.
Runs approximately 15 minutes.
View complete play version:
Part 1 (3:34 min)
Part 2 (3:22 min)
Part 3 (3:47 min)
View complete video version:  JesusDrama.org

#2 What If Jesus Never Came?
This Christmas play is good for teens to perform because it has elements that appeal to teenagers yet is also acceptable to parents.Shows what world would be like if Jesus never came by transporting a teen-aged sister to Bethlehem and then to the Kingdom of Darkness.
Has brought tears to eyes and lumps in throats.

Running time of 45 minutes. 
[below is audio demo of last scene of this play, "The Spirit & the Bride"]

​ #3 Christmas Rapping
 A children's play that tells the Christmas story as though it were happening today. Uses raps to help tell the story of Jesus' birth in a humorous but thought-provoking way.
Approximately 15 minutes in length.

#4 Four Evangelistic skits

#5 Five Christian growth skits

If you can't find what you are looking for here, there are many wonderful full scripts at www.Dramatix.org.