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Evangelistic skits

Below are four skits for evangelism:

The Call
A mysterious host invites a number of people to a meeting. This skit uses the familiar yet still effective “earthly visit by a heavenly being” format. To be most effective, a somewhat higher level of acting skill for some of the cast is recommended.
18 yrs old and up (use teens for teen audience, college-aged for college audience, etc.)
EHB- embodied heavenly being (man or woman)
M1- man 1, husband of wife 1
W1- wife1
M2- man 2, husband of wife 2
W2- wife 2
MW3- divorced man or woman
(Brisk pace throughout. Almost rapid-fire delivery of EHB lines at times.)
(All but EHB are seated on folding chairs in a line, 45 degree angle to audience, chairs in order back to front of stage: M1, W1, M2, W2, MW3)
EHB:  (entering) Thank you for coming. You have all come because you received an invitation. But since none of you know me, that alone would not have caused you to come. Except that on the invitation I wrote some things about you that you have not shared with another human being.
M1:  (aggresively, not friendly) So who are you…God? (sarcastically)
EHB:   (to all) Let’s just say I am the embodiment of what was in God’s mind when He created each of you, and also the embodiment of who you currently are. I know who you are and what you will become. 
For example, (to M1) on [date] at [place] you were called by God to respond to Jesus but you did not respond because you were ashamed of what your friends would think. 
(Author’s note: [date] means any feasible month, day and year that the event could have occurred on. [place] means any feasible place the event could have occurred at.)
(M1 stands up angrily)
EHB: (to W1) And your wife was called on [date], [date], and [date], but didn’t respond because you stopped her and she thought she was being an obedient wife by letting you stop her.
M1: (very angry- loudly and forcefully)  We are leaving!
(pulls W1 up, roughly puts arm around her waist and marches her to exit point visible to entire audience-have M1 keep arm around her this entire sequence- she resists some as though not wanting to go, but lets him pull her along- she resists enough just before exit to cause them to stop- she looks back)
(M1 shouts) Come on! (roughly marches her through exit point)
(EHB has been watching all this with a sad, heavy expression- he remains looking sadly at the exit point for a moment - then slowly turns back to others)
W2: (standing up) What about us?
EHB:  On [date] at [place] you responded to the call. (to M2) As did your husband on [date], [place]. You married on [date] and together have loved and served the Lord. 
(both look intently at him during this time- he pauses- a slight, warm smile appears)
 (to them both, lovingly, and as though seeing into the future) Jesus will say “Well done. Enter into the joy of the Lord.” (W2 sits, both still looking intently at EHB)
EHB:  (to MW3) Your divorce was finalized on [date]. Despite that crushing blow, it has not made you give up on the thought that somewhere, somehow there just might be a God who loves you.
And it is with great joy that I tell you that now is your call and that you do respond. (slight emphasis on “do”) 
(MW3 stands up a little shakily but determinedly- M2 and W2 get up and gather around MW3- they all join hands in a circle and bow their heads, but just as they are bowing, EHB points and looks at exit point used previously and says)
EHB: As does one other. (EHB freezes in point and look- W1 runs in a few steps, stops, and looks at them, uncertain-  tears are in her eyes, real or fake- W2 runs to W1, hugs her, and gently puts an arm around her waist and walks her to circle- they all join hands and bow)
(as W1 is being led to circle, EHB unfreezes and steps a little away from the circle- as they bow and freeze, EHB walks to front of stage and says to audience)
EHB: Your call.
(Author’s Note: While it is true that God continually calls all men to be saved, I believe there are specific times in a person’s life where he/she is especially convicted by the Holy Spirit of their sin and thus their need of a Savior…Jesus Christ. These are the calls talked about in this skit.)

 Second Hearing
A hearing between two people reveals the state of them both.

Length: approximately 5 minutes

(note: either part can be either gender)

Room with one desk (or table like you see in an office) in middle of stage facing audience, and two chairs, one behind the desk and the other at one end of the desk


MR. ROBERTS walks in with a folder and sits in chair behind desk. He spends a moment getting some papers out of the folder. Then he puts a pen on the desk. MISS LEWIS walks partly into the room.

(standing) Please, Miss Lewis, have a seat. (Motions to chair at end of desk. Chair is angled partly to him and partly to audience. MISS LEWIS sits.)In case you've forgotten, my name is Jim Roberts. (he sits) 

As you know, this is your second hearing, the first being… (he looks through some papers and takes one and reads from it) … back on January 5th (note: make this date a few months back from your current date). At that time it was determined that you would be seen by a psychiatrist. Remember, Miss Lewis, (looking at her) you are not on trial. You've done nothing against the law. The court, however, was concerned that certain of your behaviors could injure yourself or even others. That's why they appointed me to help with the hearings. You do remember and understand all this. Right? (pause- MISS LEWIS nods slightly; all this time she has been looking at him intently)  And I want to commend you for keeping all your appointments with the psychiatrist. 
Now… (looking and finding another paper) I have the psychiatrist's report. (pause- he looks slightly uncomfortable) In layman's terms, Miss Lewis, it is his opinion that you exhibit certain characteristics associated with schizophrenia, and some paranoia. It is his recommendation that you 
receive six weeks of care and further evaluation at an appropriate facility. (he pauses, then looks at her) That's what I will be recommending to the court. (MISS LEWIS just looks at him; he finally starts writing a report of their hearing)
Mr. Roberts, do you believe in God?
(not looking up; still writing) Not really.
Then how do you do it?
(stops writing and looks up at her) How do I do what?
How do you live without going mad or getting so depressed that you want to kill yourself?
Why would I do that?
If you don't believe in God, then where did the mountains and the trees and the planets come from? Where did the atoms and molecules come from? Where did we come from, and what will happen to us when we die?
I don't know.
Well, I know I have problems, but I know how we got here, and I know where I'm going after this life. So I repeat: How do you do it?
(starting to get slightly agitated) Well, I try to be as good a person as I can be. That way, if there is a heaven, that ought to get me there.
But how good is good enough? You're just hoping. You don't have any reason for why you think heaven works like that. How can you not wake up at night in a cold sweat? Paralyzed with fear about dying and what might happen to you after you die?
(now visibly agitated; he gets up and begins stuffing all the papers into the folder) I really don't like having these kinds of conversations. I will, however, be honest and say that I have thought at times about what we've been talking about, and since I have no answers… (he pauses, stops fiddling with the folder, and looks at MISS LEWIS) …I try not to think about it. (he walks out of the room)
(watches him leave; then rises and slowly exits, saying to herself:)
You, sir, are in far worse shape than me.
Note: This skit uses the obituaries to illustrate what is really important in life. It runs about 5 minutes.
(Lights on. GEORGE, in his early twenties, dressed in work clothes, is seated at a small table reading the newspaper. Paper is spread out over the table.)
WIFE:  (offstage) George, are you reading the obituaries again? That's  sick!
GEORGE: (looking up from paper) No it's not! You find out what's important to people. What they spent their life doing. (starts reading again) (to himself) Here's an interesting one. (continues acting as though he were the one reading, even though VOICE is doing the reading)
VOICE: (offstage) John Terry...age 74...graduate of University of Tennessee...spent his career in manufacturing management jobs in Ohio, Illinois, and Tennessee...coached baseball, basketball, and softball...a very special father who spent his entire life loving, teaching coaching, influencing, and making life special for his four children and his wife whom he loved unconditionally. 
GEORGE:  (to himself) Now there is someone who did something with his life. (begins reading again) What's this? (continues reading)
VOICE: (offstage) Jesus of Nazareth...age 33...unemployed...never married...seemed to cause trouble wherever he went, although some people said he helped them...tried to tell everyone how they were supposed to live their life.
GEORGE: (to himself) What a wasted life! 
WIFE:  (offstage) George, aren't you supposed to be mowing the lawn?
GEORGE:  (grabbing the paper and rushing offstage) Yes, dear!
(Lights off- they stay off longer than usual.)
 (Lights on. WIFE, in her sixties, dressed in funeral clothes, walks slowly and dejectedly onstage, places a small funeral flower arrangement on the table and slowly walks offstage.)
VOICE: (after pause) George...age 68...had good jobs...was a good husband and father...did some charity work...a good man...seldom went to church...never seriously thought about  God...or Jesus...(pause)...a wasted life. 
(Lights off)

This skit illustrates how we end up serving God or the devil, regardless. It runs about 5 minutes.
(DEVIL, dressed all in black, no skin showing, black pantyhose over head, is stage right. JESUS, dressed in white robe, is stage left. YOUNG PERSON enters, stage right, walkingjauntily and happily.)
(as YOUNG PERSON is walking past him) Follow me!
(stops suddenly as though just now noticing DEVIL) I know who you are. You're the devil! I would never follow you. (continues walking jauntily- DEVIL exits)
(as YOUNG PERSON is walking past him)
Follow me!
(stops suddenly as though just now noticing JESUS)
Oh...uh...I know, Jesus. And I will, one of these days.
(continues walking jauntily- JESUS exits)
(Just as YOUNG PERSON reaches edge of stage left, DRUMMER, offstage, hits drum once, loudly. YOUNG PERSON jerks to a stop with a startled look. Drum then strikes loudly every 2 seconds. With each strike, YOUNG PERSON jerkily steps until he is turned around and back over to where DEVIL was, and is knelt down. Coordinate jerky steps with drum strikes.)
(walking out and standing before the knelt YOUNG PERSON)
You fool! Don't you know that if you are not serving him (points to where JESUS was standing), you are serving me. (emphasize "me")
(from offstage- DEVIL and YOUNG PERSON frozen in place)  
"If you are not with Me, you are against Me."
(pause) "The devil goes about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."
(pause) "Choose this day whom you will serve.

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